Other Holidays

Wood carvers provide for you a selection of whimsical figures that bring an addition to your holiday traditions and celebrations.  

Other Carvings
Year round wood carving art bring year round extra special warmth to your home   décor. 

Animal Carvings

Beautiful animal wood carving sculptures can be proudly displayed.  These carvings are  of the animals found around the world, or from you back yard.

Bark Carvings

Each raw cottonwood bark comes in its own natural shape and provides a variety of art. Each artist creates something special for no two pieces are alike.

Russell Scott Webmaster

Christmas Carvings

This is a limited edition of collectible Santa wood carvings created by the skillful hands of exceptional woodworkers.

Our mission is to provide woodcarving art to bring joy to your surroundings and add a conversational object in your gathering by showing off the artist's talents in their wood carving sculptures.

Shipping Information

Shipping is for U.S. only.

Email to discuss international shipping.